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Bigelow Cooperative Daycare Center

Bigelow Cooperative Daycare Center

Bigelow Cooperative

Somerville, MA

Founded in 1983, Bigelow Cooperative Daycare Center is a parent-governed childcare center with 5 classrooms serving 45 children ranging in age from infants to pre-schoolers.  In 2010 Bigelow began a search for a new home and engaged PRA to guide them through the process.  PRA assisted Bigelow in establishing a set of ideals for the future home that served as the framework within which potential sites were evaluated and studied and that ultimately guided the final programming and design at the selected site.  

Acting as Owner’s Project Manager, PRA led Bigelow through the securing of financing, lease negotiations, Somerville ZBA permitting, review of designs and documents for compliance with EEC, NAEYC and building code requirements, selection of the general contractor, construction administration, licensing and ultimately, permitting and occupancy.  After several years at their new home, Bigelow is thriving and remains a highly sought-after early education center for parents of young children.