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Woodward Hall

Woodward Hall

Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater, MA

Beginning with a certifiable building study, PRA developed a comprehensive, long-term plan for renovations to Woodward Hall at Bridgewater State University.  As the oldest residential building on campus and a significant landmark on the BSU Campus Common, the successful modernization and historical restoration of Woodward Hall was a significant project for the University.  

Wherever possible, re-use or rehabilitation of existing building elements was incorporated into the new work to preserve the building's historic character and integrity.  Examples of such interventions include the salvaging of existing, original granite toilet stall partitions from the building for re-use in as countertops, sinks, and thresholds.

The project was planned and undertaken with construction occurring in summer months, to allow continuous use of the residence hall during the school year. Phases of work were carefully planned to advance the project incrementally to meet the goal of complete building update.  In total, all of the buildings individual phases provided Bridgewater State with a fully-renovated exterior envelope, interior, accessibility upgrades, and energy-efficient building systems.